So you need crowns?  There are several options in crowns – which one should you go with?

Here are the more popular options: (and find out too, what Dr. Peretz’s recommendation is…below).

1)      Cast Gold

The material is solid but it’s not aesthetically pleasing  – you know you’ve seen someone with an ALL GOLD smile when they open their mouth and it looks like they could possibly attract magnets.

2)Porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM)

The downside, they most likely will need to be replaced in 10-20 years.   Since there is more than one material, it has a tendency to fracture.

3)All porcelain crowns (also known as ceramics, are fired in an oven at high temperatures in which the components fuse together. )

The bad news is, they can be brittle and if they fracture, the repair may be impossible to fix.  Porcelain and zirconia together combined has a high possibility of chipping.

Dr. Peretz recommends Brux Zir crowns which are 100% Zirconia (no porcelain, and no chipping – one material).  They provide a smoother surface so that there’s less plaque build up or accumulation