Like the story of Coke vs. Pepsi- Crest and Colgate continue to compete for America’s brand loyalty.

I am sure we have all had the experience of grazing down our local supermarket aisles, and leisurely stopping to survey the immense volume of different- yet really the same- hair or cleaning products. After ten or so minutes, we – for some reason- decide one brand is better than the others, place it in our cart- and go on to repeat this process again with whatever other products we have come to the store to buy.

Have you ever wondered why it is we buy the products that we do?

You might be surprised to learn the amount research and money that are spent into deciding what shade of red, or what shape to make a product. These details may seem trivial, but, they carefully calculated by large corporations, all with the hopes of deepening something called brand loyalty.

What factors contribute to achieving brand loyalty? Is it really a shade of red, or certain size of a product? Maybe.

But one thing is for sure, brand loyalty is developed through emotional and subconscious triggers. These triggers, are- in fact- affected by a product’s color or size. It is precisely these massive enterprises like Procter & Gamble or Palmolive that decide these minute details of our daily household items.

So, lets get this straight.

When it comes to buying something as simple as the right toothpaste- are we being subconsciously and emotionally triggered by these huge corporations? Even for toothpaste?

You betcha.

You might not realize, but, you do have an attachment to a certain type of toothpaste – subconsciously or not.

So, now that we know this much, can we guess which toothpaste brand has won the hearts, or should we say, teeth, of America?

Well, it boils down to two brands, Colgate– made by Palmolive and Crest– made by Procter & Gamble.

Any guesses?

And the winner is…Colgate!

Why might this be, you ask?

There are several factors that contribute to Palmolive’s success.

Palmolive, which also produces detergents and shampoos, has always placed a large focus on oral health.

Colgate- Palmolive prides itself on its significant and leading global market share it holds in the oral care world.Currently, Colgate-Palmolive holds 44.4% in toothpaste and 33.5% for toothbrushes. Just this year, it has attained 17.2% of the global market share for mouthwash (The Motley Fool).

Colgate’s core toothpaste is also the only toothpaste on the market that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to prevent gingivitis(The Motley Fool).

Colgate, also, has been very innovative in diversifying their toothpaste line. In 2012, Colgate started their Optic White Regimen line which consists of whitening toothpaste as well as a specialized toothbrush and mouthwash(The Motley Fool).

So there you have it.

Next time you are shopping for toothpaste, ask yourself if Colgate’s shade of red or size really is sweeping you off your feet, as it has for the rest of America.

Stay tuned for another blog post next week.

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